Many individuals helped make this project a reality. 

Phase 1 of the project was possible due to funding from a now defunct foundation called Inukshuk, and institutional support from the Applied Research Office of George Brown College and York University, and was led by Taras Gula and Julie Gaudet from George Brown College along with Mina Singh from York University. Many students were hired to write the code and design the graphics.  Timeline: April 2008 – Oct. 2009.

Graphics:  Kristina Klaffke; Code writing: Jae Chung, Neil Uppal;  Game design and asset coding:  Brent Mundell, Darren Horrocks;   Faculty support from Jean-Paul Amore.

External consultant and web-hosting:  Guild Software

Practice questions: Joseph Demanou, Pearlin Lawrence, Qun Li, Juzer Lokhandwala, Syed Mohammed, Maria Alexandra Prieto, Sharan Rajkumar, Tatiana Sachenko, Melanie William-Kurt, Hai Ning Ye, Peng Zhang,

Phase 2 of the project involved the rewriting of the code in order to allow the administrator to make changes to content and practice questions easily.  This phase was initiated by Taras Gula and conducted by Scicrest Corporation.  Timeline: spring 2010 -  dec. 2012

Phase 3 of the project involved a thorough review and rewriting of the scenarios and hints for as there was a significant amount of feedback from students indicating that the format of the hints and some of the language of the scenarios was not clear.  Feb. 2011 – ongoing.

Student volunteers:  Jamie Ollerenshaw, Samira Rahimi, Muzahidul Mustafa, Ishtiaque Chowdhury, Keith Patching .


Thank you to all,