Welcome to Math Essentials!

This interactive site was developed to help you improve basic college math skills geared toward helping you succeed in an introductory statistics course.

There are 17 modules on the site, each covering a specific skill. You can work on them in order from 1 - 17, or focus on one at a time. 
(place your cursor over the module number to see what topic is covered within):

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How it works:  take a look at the youtube video or read the description below.

Within each module, the screen is divided into optional instructional areas for you to choose from:
Area A: an explanation of the concept similar to what you would see in a textbook
Area B: a set of Practice Questions (try as many as you’d like, you can check whether your answer is correct, but there is no explanation of what you may have done incorrectly)
Area C: a set of Games and Visualizations (these will help reinforce your learning - many of these are still under construction)

You can move from area to area or module to module as you wish—follow whatever order works best for you!